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Pathfinder 12 has been Released

Pathfinder 12


So it went from 12K to 31K with a rating of PG changed to NC-21.

Summer is a horrible time to try to write, I want to run around in my bikini poolside not stay locked up in front of the computer! *sigh*

So Pathfinder 12 is $1.50 until 12AUG then the price will go up to the standard $2.99 (Hey, blame the greedy bastards at Amazon!)

Off to the next story, Corpus Christi Nights-Cartel...A story about a girl an elf and an orc, and how they met in the metropolis of Corpus Christi. You had to live there, it's an experience.

Busy helping BDG with his Graphic Novel



So I've been bouncing between the re-write of Pathfinder as well as helping BDG with his Graphic Novel. Word counts on both are slowly climbing, luckily this is basically describe scene then dialogue and let him create the rest. Since we're both kinda new in this area we'll need to find some way to market these when they are done. I think someone was saying Patreon but I am not sure I understand how that works.

Any suggestions?

Pathfinder 12 has NOT been Released

Pathfinder 12


Decided to pull the story and make a massive rewrite, my cover artist and editor kept asking me where was the sex. I guess there are certain expectations, so I asked my twitter followers and they wanted sex as well? Perverts! Meh, I wanted to add sex as well so off we go.

Pester BDG for new cover …..CHECK!
Redo draft, add tons of sex ……CHECK!
Rewrite story and make it fun….looks at whiskey bottle….*sigh* opens Scivener.

Geomancer is out!



Released on Smashwords and Amazon…so you will see it sometime in a few days at amazon. Someone actually DL’d it from SW while I was still fighting the formatting and ToC so hopefully he will grab the newer (insert WORKING) version before he gets too mad at me. I’ll be putting together a website for the books at www.dionneglynn.com which looks daunting and fun at the same time. May take a few days and it will be a huge undertaking so give it a little time please :)

Released 30 MAR


It was the time before. The time when giants, men, and gods still lived as one in harmony. Giants and men lived short happy lives, gods, of course, lived forever. All were joyous except one, Mapinguari was not happy. He wanted to live forever as only the gods did, so he and his friend searched for the flower of eternity. The two friends looked for many years, then one day they found it at the base of a large Quebracho tree. Mapinguari wanted to share the flower with all humans and giants, but Jurupari decided not to share. He wanted to destroy all the women of the world to create a race of men. The two friends argued then fought, they cut rivers and destroyed mountains, neither winning nor losing. One of the gods found the two and stopped them. He asked why were they fighting and destroying the jungle. Both explained their plans for the flower, the god was angry at both man and giant. He punished them by turning them into hideous monsters. They are cursed to live in the jungle. Mapinguari, the man, unable to pass the knowledge of immortality to his fellow men. Jurupari, the giant, unable to destroy women and found a race of all men. Now we sacrifice a virgin girl to Mapinguari every five years, to protect our village. Now we sacrifice a young boy to Jurupari every ten years, to ignore our village.